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Worried about ransomware? Anxious about opening files from external sources? You don’t need to be concerned about downloading files from our new Intelligent Conveyancing Online System (ICOS) ICOS is a safe and sterile platform for retrieving your clients’ documents.   If you would like to know more about ICOS or any of our other products

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New York firm proposes tower dangling from an asteroid, but London has problems at ground level

As part of a news week dominated by the formal beginning of Brexit, this particularly eye catching proposal from US based Clouds Architecture Office was a welcome bit of relief. They are quite literally turning conventional architecture on its head by suggesting the world’s tallest tower should have its foundations on an asteroid orbiting 50,000km above the earth. Whilst this

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A Sign of the Times: Populism versus Property

As a group of seasoned squatters take up residence in the £15 million Belgravia property of a shadowy Russian Oligarch, it’s hard not to note the juxtaposition of their cause with that of the self proclaimed ‘voice of property in Central London’ which rang out loudly last week. The Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians do not claim to

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