Plan Search

All too often a new home is purchased, with a beautiful garden, located in idyllic surroundings, only to be ruined by a factory or supermarket built in front to block the view. All it takes is a little effort on our part to highlight these potential problems, whilst reducing the effort on your part to concentrate on other important matters.

X-Press Legal Services will supply reports detailing all Planning Applications and Land Use Policy relating to the property and surrounding areas, including the extent of any flood risk areas. What’s more, this information can be on your desk within 48 hours.  A Plan Search will help your clients see their dream home as it should be, not how it might be.

  • Detailed report outlining future developments such as supermarkets, nightclubs and motorways within 500 metres of the property
  • Report available within 48 hours at a nominal cost
  • Includes detailed maps highlighting the relevant areas
  • Enables the buyer to make an informed decision