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Lynne and Dave were looking for a way to support the franchisees with personal development and technical support. They wanted a bespoke solution, flexible enough to fit the needs of the network. From results and feedback, they believed the technical training franchisees receive is comprehensive in terms of how to be an excellent search agent, but with a maturing network, now is the time to add extra support to the skills needed to run a successful business – networking, presenting, communicating to clients and staff, employing staff, managing, leading others, etc.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve been working with X-Press Legal Services, in particular with Lynne and Dave, to find new ways to support the franchisees in becoming even more successful. During this time, the X-Press team has been listening to you via our mentoring programme. You made some fantastic suggestions, and generated ideas on how we can support you to strengthen and grow robust businesses.

Here are some of the things we heard

“Sometimes I just need to bounce ideas off others in this industry.”
“I’d like to know if there’s a better way of doing XYZ.”
“I received great training on searches, but I also need skills on how to run an effective business.”

We believe a more structured, organised and co-ordinated approach is required to supporting and developing the people in X-Press, somewhere that you can go to find answers, to help you move your business on and continually develop your own skill sets.

From this, the X-Press Academy was born… a place where learning, developing, communicating, supporting and growing with each other will start.

We have the structure and plans in place with the right people – Lynne, Dave and Christian, Nigel, myself and other external supporters all moving this exciting new initiative forward.

Emma Stanton

“I’m here for the journey – this is a massive project and we will be taking time to make sure we get it right…
The Academy is here to stay and I’m personally delighted to be working with you all in this great business.”


Elements of the X-Press Academy

Support, knowledge, learning and development will be around the following five main areas:

  1. Technical Knowledge – support on the systems, software and equipment we need and use.
  2. Product/Service Knowledge – what we sell and what we have available to support our products.
  3. Industry Knowledge – what’s going on out there?
  4. Business Support Knowledge – business skills on running a business supported by ILM.
  5. Search Knowledge – support in areas such as data access, con29 completion and EIR requests.

This will be delivered to you in many platforms, such as:

  • Workshops
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Intranet
  • Communication Hub
  • E-Learning
  • Webinars and Conference calls
  • Learning Libraries
  • “Ask the Experts”

With the huge success of the first Academy Roadshow, we will continue with this theme and plan to hold regular workshops.

2015 – Two Academy Roadshows in June and October.
2016 – Two Academy Roadshows plus Annual Conference.

Several Business Workshops endorsed by ILM ( Institute of Leadership and Management).

Your Support

We need your continuous feedback; we will continue to listen and implement the support you require.  We are always recruiting ‘Fran Champs’; franchisees who can support the Academy by offering best practice, lessons learnt, quick wins and tips. If you’re interested in this small, but highly important role, please let us know and we can give you more information about what it entails.

Roadshow (23 June 2015)

An amazing launch to the Academy with the Roadshow in June 2015. Here’s some of the feedback and snaps we collected….

”Thanks for a fab, fun and informative day…roll on October!“
”My brain is full of learning!“



”Found X-Press Road very useful way of connecting with suppliers“

”GROW – a simple system to use. I can do that“
”Love the pace of the day, great speakers & topics“

Table Talkers

The feedback showed  you really enjoyed listening to our table talkers. They were amazing, and put a lot of time and effort into supporting the Academy and helping you.

X-Press Road - External Supporters

Sean McCann – People Based Solutions
Amanda Armitage – Stewart Title Ltd
Gary Miller – Groundsure
Gary Ward – Inspire Risk Management


Here are contact details for the presenters and information about their workshops:

Workshop One - Effective Presentation Skills (10 September 2015)

Emma Stanton and John McKenzie delivered a fun, ‘hands on’ workshop, giving franchisees and staff invaluable ideas to gain confidence and develop their presentation skills.

It was an excellent start to the ILM endorsed programme in Business and Leadership, and the success of this thoroughly enjoyable day was confirmed when we received this wonderful feedback.

“Thank you for arranging the course yesterday. I’m sure you were disappointed with the turnout, but it was one of the best days I have had with X-Press, dealing with an area I think holds many of us back in business and (last ½ hour aside!) I had a great time. Looking forward to the next day already.”

“Just a brilliant day. Great job done by all.”

“Totally agree with everything already said, what a great day! Really looking forward to the next one.”

“At the risk of repeating what others have already said this was a great day and I feel that we all really benefitted from it. Thanks!”

Question Time

Following on from the success of Question Time at the Roadshow, our next two sessions will give you the opportunity to pose your questions to Dave.

  • Wednesday, 11 May – 12:00 noon til 1:00pm
  • Tuesday, 19 July – 12:00 noon til 1:00pm

Please email your questions in advance to

Use the following Conference call telephone number to dial in: 01925 640907 (user pin: 1381)

Please put your phone on MUTE when you are not speaking so we can control the background noise.

Dave will answer the most popular questions during the session.  However, if you don’t get chance to ask a question prior to the session, you can dial in just to hear the responses and any relevant updates Dave may have.

ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management


”93% of employers see a tangible increase in their managers’ capabilities after an ILM qualification.“

ILM Website: Aug 2015

ILM is the UK’s largest management body for management and leadership qualifications. They offer their own courses in leadership and management but also allow recognised businesses to hold their own in-house training programmes. I have been working with ILM over the last few months; we wanted to be able to reward your efforts with a recognised status. ILM have quality assured our Academy training programme against the industry standards, therefore allowing you to get the recognition you deserve for your commitment to learning.

Our Academy Workshops have been officially recognised by ILM and they will endorse your work.  What can you expect to receive from ILM?:

  • Endorsed certificate on completion of the Academy course
  • Free study membership of ILM during their programme
  • Support and resources from ILM
The Programme

We have created five workshops which are designed to support you in your business. The workshops were created specifically for X-Press Legal Services and each element of the workshop has been designed with you in mind …. to feel more confident and continue to build a successful business.

For more details about the programme, please click here: ILM Training Programme (ASK EMMA FOR LINK)

September 2015 – June 2016

  1. Session One: Presentation Skills
  2. Session Two: Effective Communication – It’s not what you say!
  3. Session Three: Managing yourself and others with confidence
  4. Session Four: Coaching for Performance
  5. Session Five: Understanding motivation and establishing an effective team
What you need to do:

Attend and fully participate in the five business workshops.

To conclude the programme, you will be required to complete an individual Self-Development Plan which will be submitted to ILM for assessment.

What's coming up


Tuesday, 19 January Workshop 1 (Repeated) – Presentation Skills (Part 1)
Saturday, 5 March X-Press Annual Conference (The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon)
Thursday, 17 March Workshop 3 – Recruitment & Interviewing Skills
Tuesday, 22 March Workshop 2 – Mop up
Wednesday, 27 April Workshop 4 – Managing others with Confidence, incl Difficult Conversations
Tuesday, 17 May Workshop 5 – Coaching for Performance
Tuesday, 21 June Roadshow
Tuesday, 12 July Workshop 6 – HR and Law
Tuesday, 6 September Workshop 7 – Sales and Marketing for the non-salesperson
Tuesday, 4 October Roadshow