HS2 (Phase 2) – Latest Routes


HS2 Phase 2 Latest Routes

Did you know that details of current and planned transportation routes are included within transport reports* (including the latest HS2 routes) available from X-Press Legal Services?

Following on from the recent announcements about HS2, X-Press Legal Services can now confirm that all *Groundsure reports containing HS2 data have been updated to include the latest routes. Never has it been more important that your clients know about transport routes that may affect their property purchases.

The transport reports highlight if the property is within 2,500 metres of any planned routes, and clearly flags the implications of this – such as in the case where the property lies in a ‘Safeguarding Area’, meaning there is significant risk that it could be demolished to make way for the transport development.

The reports also indicate if the property is near any major transport stations, which could benefit or discourage homebuyers.

Please contact your local X-Press office to discuss which reports are available for your clients (from only £18.00 including VAT). 


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